Old West Western Work Boots Review

Old West Mens Trucker Western Work Boot Review

Cowboy boots were initially designed for people who had to spend all day on a saddle herding cattle from one location to the next, so they weren’t ideal to walk around in.

Once cowboy boots became widely known in Hollywood, and the entertainment industry, more and more people wanted cowboy boots that were friendly to walk in. The demand for various boots styles saw the development of innovative heel designs that catered to walking rather than riding on a saddle.

Since user comfort became a concern for cowboy boots manufacturers, now there exists a lot of cowboy boots styles that makes it difficult for an uninformed buyer to find the proper fit.

If you’re one of the rare individuals who require a cowboy boots for actual work related purposes rather than for making a fashion statement, you’ll need a cowboy boots that is modeled after Western Work Boots.

Old West Western Work Dual Review

Western Work Boots have distinctive features that make the particular style a go-to option when you need a reliable pair of cowboy boots. Not many manufacturers still take the time and energy to make cowboy boots designed after the Western Work Boots model, so you have a limited selection pool to choose from.

Old West is a brand that still produces cowboy boots modeled after the Western Work Boots style, and is the go-to manufacturer for people who hold jobs varying from cities to farms and need a boots that can provide ample support, comfort, and protection.

Old West Western Work Boots Review

If you’re looking for a sturdy pair of cowboy boots that can withstand all sorts of pressure and damage, you no longer have to continue your search since the answer you’ve been waiting for is Old West Western Work Boot.

For those who haven’t heard of this manufacturer, Old West is well-versed in producing high-quality and practical cowboy boots since it’s been doing so since the 1990’s. Old West manufactures more than just Western Work Boots so that you can dress up your entire family with Old West footwear and apparel.

When it comes to the Old West Western Work Boot, you’ll surely want to reserve this model for yourself since its design pays homage to the diligent yet frugal American Western heritage.

Most cowboy boots attempt to mimic this vintage Western style, but end up looking like cheap knock-offs. You don’t have to worry about Old West Western Work Boots looking cheap because they will prove to be the highlight of your entire outfit.

Features of Old West Western Work Boots

  • Material: Leather
  • Rubber Sole
  • Slip-Resistant Sole
  • Genuine Leather Uppers
  • Manmade Lining
  • Shaft Height: about 13 inches
  • Cowboy Heel Height: around 1.5 inches
  • Available in Extended Sizes

Old West Western Work Review

Who Is Old West?

Old West is a part of a larger company called The Western Company, which holds root in Denver, Colorado since the late 1990’s. This means that The Western Company is responsible for producing millions of footwear and apparel for over 17 years that suits women, men, and children.

The Western Company prides itself in its technological capabilities to deliver the products you need and provide a personal aspect to the shopping experience that is rare to find in today’s online retail world.

In fact, The Western Company has everything from luxury high-end to traditional western products that ensure the brand’s vast inventory of high-performance goods. If you’re in need of exotic skin cowboy boots or rustic denim blue jeans, The Western Company has got your back.

Practical & Durable Old West Western Work Boots

Old West Western Work Boots contains a rugged, genuine exterior that enhances the boots durability without making them uncomfortable to walk around in. In fact, you could be wearing Old West Western Boots all day long, and the pair of boots will still allow to effortlessly perform your job without tension building up around the balls of your feet or your heel area.

Cowboy boots that rank below Old West Western Work Boots lack the proper foot support that is a guarantee with these Western Work Boots. In fact, these Old West Boots can perform up to the demanding work standards of both farm and factory particular work.

Old West Western Work Bottom Review

Old West Western Work Boots stay true to the Western Work Boots design since it also features roper-style heels that are proven to go easy on the feet for walking purposes than traditional riding heels. The low heel size also plays a vital role into your ability to wear these boots all day long without experiencing any pain or blisters.

It’s no surprise that Old West Western Work Boots come with slip-resistant soles that provide the right amount of traction to guarantee optimal performance under all kinds of terrains and environments.

Insider Thoughts

Buyers rave about Old West Western Work Boots for being the ultimate working man’s boots that will provide the support and balance your feet need for you to perform to the best of your ability at work.

You could be working in an industrial or a rural setting, and Old West Western Work Boots will be the boots you turn to for ultimate practicality and durability.



  • Comfortable
  • Cushioned Interior
  • Won’t Dull or Scratch
  • Detailed Stitching
  • Won’t Slip
  • Large variety of Size options
  • Run a half size smaller
  • Not waterproof

Buyer Advice

Based on positive customer reviews, Old West Western Work Boots is the perfect addition your closet has been waiting for, and it costs less than most cowboy boots available on the market.

Where Can I Buy?

Compared to all the online retailers that sell Old West Western Work Boot, the online vendor, most people, go to is Amazon.

Depending on the color and size you order, Old West Western Work Boots will cost you anywhere from above $70 to under $120, which makes these boots an excellent wardrobe addition.

My Verdict

This is an ideal Western Work Boots for those who have a physically demanding job and want their feet to stay relaxed, dry, and fresh even when temperatures are reaching levels past 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

I would highly recommend buying Old West Western Work Boots because your job is guaranteed to become a lot more physically tolerable, and you will say goodbye to those persistent foot aches.