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Men’s Suede Cowboy Boots: 5 Stylish Pairs You Can Snag Right Now

ariat mens heritage roughstock venttek western cowboy boot

Cowboy boots always make a bit of a fashion statement and are definitely a fad that’s stood the taste of time. There are a lot of different kinds of cowboy boots, each more stylish than the next.

mens Suede cowboy boots 5 stylish pairs you can snag right now

If you’re looking for a pair of good-looking, highly rated men’s suede cowboy boots, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up 5 of the most popular ones available so you can be sure you get the best looking and most comfortable pair for you.

Top 5 Suede Cowboy Boots for Men

1. Ariat Men’s Sport Wide Square-Toe Boot

ariat mens sport wide square toe boot

Ariat is a well-known brand when it comes to cowboy boots so you can trust that they know what they’re doing. The Sport Wide Square-Toe Boot comes in standard leather and is also available in this beautiful suede version. If you find that your toes feel cramped inside of a standard cowboy boot, give this one a try. The toe was specifically designed to give you a little more room. They’re made of leather and have a really unique look. The dark brown suede foot looks almost like a basket weave pattern and is accented by a lime green leather upper. The upper measures 10.5 inches from the arch and is accented with a quadruple multi-colored stitched design. If you have a larger calf, this boot is perfect for you because the opening is 14 inches around. That’s not all, the footbed is 4 layers thick for extra support and comfort. The sole is great, too. It’s made of Duratread to make sure you keep your footing.

2. Laredo Men’s Jacksonville Boot

laredo mens jacksonville boot

The Laredo Men’s Jacksonville Boot is a great choice if you’re looking for a suede boot that really resembles a classic cowboy boot. They look like authentic boots, are built really tough, and made to last. The round toe and cowboy heel really add to the old-fashioned look while the color and material give them a modern twist. Plus, they’re comfortable enough to wear all day. The shaft is 13 inches from the arch so these are high boots. The natural tan-colored suede is very classic looking and the simple design details are great, too. The top of the foot has a delicate double-stitched design that’s the perfect accent without being too flashy. As for the shaft, it’s embellished with a quadruple stitched design that covers the whole surface. The Comfort Cushion insole is great, too, and offers a sufficient amount of arch support.

3. Ariat Men’s Heritage Roughstock Venttek Western Cowboy Boot

ariat mens heritage roughstock venttek western cowboy boot

Another beautiful boot from Ariat is the Men’s Heritage Roughstock Venttek Western Cowboy Boot. It has a really classic look to it. In addition to this beautiful suede design, there’s also a plain leather version available. We prefer the suede version because of the dark brown suede foot and the fine stitched design on the top. As for the shape of the boot, it has a pointed toe that gives it a little bit of extra flair.

The shaft is 12” high from the arch and has a really eye-catching design. The upper has a unique vented mesh lining that shows through the blue full-grain leather overlay. The mesh is really a cool feature. It’s breathable as well as a water repellant and will really keep your feet comfortable. There are large curved details in the leather accented by a quadruple stitch pattern. At the top of each side of the shaft are 2 large loops on either side to help you pull the boots on quickly. There are also stylish suede tabs at the top that feature the Ariat logo.

4. Twisted X Men’s Oiled Suede Buckaroo Cowboy Boot

twisted x mens oiled suede buckaroo cowboy boot

If you’re looking for something a little different, check this one out. It’s made of suede leather that’s been oiled which gives it an interesting worn look. This one has a long shaft, 17 inches from the arch. It’s a very simple design, with no large stitched embellishments, and no bright colors. Just a small X embroidered on the front of the shaft. The X is actually Twisted X’s logo and also appears at the top of the shaft on the pull tabs. On the top of the foot is a small, delicate single-stitched design to add a little bit of visual interest. One of the best things about these boots is the insole. The Twisted X Technology Cowboy Comfort Footbeds are moisture-wicking and antibacterial. What does that mean? Your feet will stay dry and won’t smell because there won’t be anywhere for odor-causing bacteria to grow.

5. Ranch Road Boots Men’s Crockett County Suede Roper Cowboy Boot With Crepe Sole

ranch road boots men crockett county suede roper cowboy boot with crepe sole

These Ranch Roads Boots have an interesting look. They’re a mid-calf boot, 10 inches high from the arch. The opening is 14.5 inches which is a good size for large calves. The shaft itself is plain with double stitches around the top of the foot piece and around the top edge. There are 2 pull-on tabs at the top of each boot that have a small, delicate single stitch design. For a small pop of color, a thin orange line runs down each side of the boots that match the color of the lining. The footbed has a steel shank to give you more support while the footbed is filled with cork for cushioning. The welt was done using Goodyear technology that will really hold the shoe together and makes it possible to re-sole these down the line if you need to. And get this: it also comes with protective travel bags for travel and storage.

As you can see, there are a variety of men’s suede cowboy boots available that you’re going to love. If you’re looking for the best men’s suede cowboy boots, check out our top 5 choices. They all look so different and have unique features to bring to the table that you might find yourself ordering 2 pairs!