Justin Boots Classic Western Boot Review

Ariat Western Cowboy Boot Review

You can avoid wasting your money if you just equip yourself with the relevant information that makes you an expert in every aspect of the cowboy boot from its structure to the maintenance necessary.

Even after you obtain all that information, you’ll realize that there are thousands of cowboy boots available in the market that make it impossible to find the one that fits your feet just right while still maintaining a Western fashion boot style.

Western fashion boot styles rose in popularity when they became the standard shoe in Hollywood Westerns in the 1930’s and 1940’s. When you fast forward to modern times, the Western fashion boot style is the predominant design used to manufacture detailed women’s cowboy boots.

You'll notice how Western fashion boots follow no strict design guideline, so the color and stitch detailing varies from boot to boot. One thing most Western fashion boots do have in common is that they are made out of synthetic materials, which is not the standard for Classic Western Cowboy Boots.

Justin Boots Womens Classic Western Boot Narrow Square Toe Shoe In Nature Review

The synthetic nature of Western fashion boots limits your ability to use them for practical purposes such as horseback riding or cattle herding. You'll get the most out of fashion styled boots if you wear them on a night out in the town, with a sundress and hat to match.

Now that you have a more thorough understanding of Western fashion boots, you’ll want to find out who is the most popular Western Fashion Boot manufacturer.

Buyers everywhere agree that Justin Boots is the brand that will provide the fashion forward cowboy boots that will have everyone complimenting your style left and right. Justin Boots produces a variety of cowgirl boots, with its classic model being a best seller with stellar ratings.

Keep reading for an in depth review of Justin Boots Classic Western Boot.

Justin Boots Classic Western Boot Review

If you want to embody the classic country vibe, Justin Boots Classic Western Boot comes with intricate western styled stitching that gives off the appearance of it being the most authentic looking cowboy boot when compared to competing models.

You can wear these boots with endless outfit combinations, but if you're going for the traditional cowgirl aesthetic, you'll be set wearing denim jeans, a button down flannel, a leather belt, and either a straw or felt cowboy hat.

Alternatively, you can tone down an outfit when you mix and match a dress with Justin Boots Classic Western Boot. It’s clear that Justin Boots Classic Western Boot won’t be a waste of your money and you’ll be sure to get more than one use out of it.


  • Material: Leather & Synthetic
  • Leather Sole
  • Shaft Height From Arch: 13 inches
  • Heel Height: 2 inches
  • Platform: 0.25 inches
  • Narrow Square Toe Shape
  • Memory Foam Midsole
  • Boot Circumference: about 16 inches
  • Four Color Options
  • Pull on Straps
  • Pointed Toe
  • Made in Mexico
Justin Boots Review

Who Is Justin Boots?

For over 130 years, Justin Boots has dedicated its time and efforts to handcrafting western boots when its founder mastered the technique necessary to produce high-performing western footwear that served to be the industry’s standard to this day.

When people think of iconic boots particular to western American culture, Justin Boots is a prime example. The brand adequately preserved that old Western heritage since it first came into existence in a time where cowboys were starting to make an appearance on America's landscapes.

Justin Boots didn't make many alterations to its mission statement since it still provides comfortable, durable, and authentic western footwear options for women, men, and children that are suitable for any occasion. You could easily perform some ranch work in Justin Boots or wear them for a night out.

Justin Boots ensures you’re constantly culturally aware and vibe with authentic western fashion to the point that you’ll feel as if you always wore these boots.

Comfortable Fit

Justin Boots Classic Western Boot is meticulously designed to provide 21st-century levels of comfort, which is unique to Justin Boots brand footwear. No other cowboy boot manufacturer contains the technology responsible for the support that Justin Boots Classic Western Boot provides.

Justin Boots Womens Classic Western Boot Narrow Square Toe Shoe Side

Justin Boots patented J-Flex Comfort System located in the insole of Justin Boots Classic Western Boot will make these boots some of the most comfortable ones you've ever owned. The boot's insole is entirely covered with leather and contains a triple density insole board that promotes a constant flow of energy, so your feet never tire.

When you combine the J-Flex Comfort System with the boot’s memory foam midsole, you’ll feel as if the Justin Boots Classic Western Boot were already broken in to conform to your feet’s shape and size.

Insider Thoughts

Buyers rave about Justin Boots Classic Western Boot since it comes with detailed western styled stitching as well as a sleek overall leather look that maintains an authentic Old Wild West vibe while containing updated technology that ensures maximum user comfort.



  • Extreme Comfort
  • Authentic Style
  • Reasonably Priced
  • True to Size
  • Weak sole grip
  • Will require constant maintenance

Buyer Advice

Based on positive customer reviews, Justin Boots Classic Western Boot should be present in every single woman's closet because you'll never know when you'll need a pair of authentic looking cowgirl boots to complete an outfit.

Where Can I Buy?

Amazon is the preferred online retailer to buy Justin Boots Classic Western Boot when compared to other online vendor alternatives. In regards to cost, it entirely depends on the Justin Boots Classic Western Boot size you’ll need.

The cheapest Justin Boots Classic Western Boot will go for on Amazon will cost you less than $50.

My Verdict

This is a must-have cowgirl boot if you've constantly been searching for a pair that looks expensive and authentic, but costs a fraction of the price you'd expect.

Buyers love Justin Boots Classic Western Boot so much that a majority of them will buy one in every color because they just can’t seem to get enough. I would highly recommend buying Justin Boots Classic Western Boot to take them out for a spin around town and get showered with compliments.

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