How to Choose the Best Toddler Cowboy Boots

best toddler cowboy boots

best toddler cowboy boots

Your little one is growing up fast and it’s time for that prized the first pair of cowboy boots.

Whether they want to look just like their mom or dad, or you’re purchasing for a special occasion, you want the best toddler cowboy boots for your child’s feet.

Choosing an ill-fitting pair of boots or heavy material could have your child aching with discomfort or even kicking them to the side. Not only will your heart go out to their sore feet, but your wallet may be hurting from the wasted purchase.

Fortunately, we’ve got the tips and tricks you need to ensure your toddler boot purchase doesn’t go to waste. Follow along to learn how to buy cowboy boots for kids and ensure the best choice possible.

1. Safety First

As your child grows and develops, they still have pretty flexible bones and joints. While this makes them more resilient through their child-years, it also makes their feet sensitive to external factors.

Stiff shoes and forced arches can affect the way your child’s feet form, so it is incredibly important to choose footwear that supports their growth without forcing changes.

While most of the safety comes down to proper sizing and materials, it will be vital to keep their toes and developing bones in mind while you shop.

2. Comfort

If you are a boot wearer yourself, you know that it can take a while to ‘break in’ new boots and have them form properly to the feet. Children’s boots on the other hand shouldn’t rely on this break-in time.

As mentioned before, you want to protect your child’s sensitive feet, not have them pushing through the uncomfortable first wears. Instead, choose soft materials for your child’s boot. They should be comfortable right from the first wear just like a pair of toddler sneakers.

Take the extra time to ensure there are no pain points by asking your child to run around in the boots and report any slight discomforts. Their excitement for their new kicks may cloud their pain tolerance so keep your receipts for return and notice any compensating they may be doing with their walking habits.

3. Lightweight

Having heavy boots may be a great asset for adults, but lugging around the extra weight will put stress on your little one’s joints and bones.

Cowboy boots for toddlers should be a lightweight version of an adult boot to allow them to move and play freely through wear. This will prevent them from taking them off to play or needing frequent breaks from wear.

You’ve already got a lot of items to remember when packing up. Don’t risk forgetting their boots at a park because of inconvenient weight.

4. Durability

Cowboy boots for kids should be strong, protective, and of course, durable. Children treat shoes much differently than adults. From crawling around during play to dragging the soles of their shoes across the sidewalk, they will experience much different wear and tear than your boots do.

While scuffs and scratches add character to a boot, repetitive rubbing on the toes of boots or across the top of the foot can cause weak spots to develop. If you don’t want your kid’s toes peeking through holes, be sure to choose a high-quality boot that will stand up to their playtime.

Choose leather over synthetic lookalikes to ensure the best durability and protective surrounding for your toddler’s feet.

5. Non-Slip

Every kid has the odd slip and fall, but their boots shouldn’t be contributing to the problem. They should be able to run around freely without being limited by a slippery sole.

You may have the life experience to know when to slow down and take careful steps, but asking the same of them is simply unfair. Instead, prevent those nasty spills by choosing a non-slip sole like rubber or synthetic materials to reduce slippery contact.

A rubber sole will not only provide that much-needed grip, but it will also allow for some bounce under their feet. This will help to reduce sore arches and absorb some of that impact when running and playing.

6. Sizing

Measurement and sizing are perhaps the most difficult, but most important parts of choosing the best toddler cowboy boots.  You’ll want to allow some room for growth, without impeding your child’s ability to move and walk.

Because their feet are growing so rapidly, choosing a too-small boot could have them only seeing a month or two of wear. On the other hand, floppy, too-big shoes will leave them tripping and losing confidence in their walking skills.

As a rule, you’ll want to make sure their new boots are snug at the instep to support their foot and eliminate pain. Don’t search for space in this area as it will cause their foot to slosh around in the boot and could cause injuries.

The area where you want the room to grow is in the toes and heel. Their toes should be able to wiggle and move freely and the space at the heel will extend the amount of time they will fit.

Aim for a loosely fitting shaft so that the material around their calf doesn’t become uncomfortable. A snug fit around the ankle and calf can cause poor blood flow and swelling of the feet.

7. Design

Pay close attention to the design of the boot and how it supports your child’s foot. While adult boots display a range of toe options, you’ll likely find that pointed toes aren’t the best for your toddler.

A pointed toe tends to limit space to grow and pushes their toes together in an uncomfortable way as they develop. Opt for a wider round toe or square toe to support growth and buy them longer wearing time.

Take the width of their feet into account and choose their size accordingly.

For the shaft, choose a height that is reasonable for your child’s body. Too short of a boot can leave an opening for ankle sprains and injuries. Too tall will limit their flexibility and cause uncomfortable gathering around the ankles due to improper fit.

Aim for a shaft that surpasses the smallest part of their ankle without surpassing their mid-calf.

8. Color

Children love the ability to express themselves and get away with unmatched outfits more than anyone else. Take advantage of this time and let them get creative with their boots.

The majority of details and fun designs will be on the shaft of the boot. With special colors and designs on cowboy boots for girls and boys, you’ll be able to choose a fun color or extra stitching patterns to help your child express their personality.

If you want to make sure to get the most versatile out of your toddler’s boots, go for a neutral base and leave the color to the shaft. This way you’ll be able to tuck in jeans and leggings to show off their style or hide them away under the hem when needed.

9. Extras

Take their first boot’s up a notch with fun extras. You’ll find light-up soles or colored bottoms that can let their style shine or beautiful embroidery and beading for a timeless look.

Take their favorite characters into account and make the experience special by choosing batman cowboy boots for boys or a princess theme for your little princess herself.

You’ll even find the print on the bottom can vary from boot to boot allowing them to have fun with the tracks they leave behind.

Keep track of their fancy kicks with custom embroidery with a name and phone number, or mark their first pair with a special note inside the shaft.

10. Buying Online

If you decide to order boots online, you won’t have the luxury of that in-store try-on before you purchase. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ensure the best toddler cowboy boots from the internet as well.

Each company will have slight differences in its sizing, so be sure to check the size charts for each boot and measure appropriately. Don’t forget to measure their foot with socks on to ensure there will be room for those extra warm winter socks.

Choose brands that have a positive reputation and specialize in children’s boots. Just because a company makes a great adult boot, doesn’t mean they have transitioned into the kid’s section successfully.

Check reviews of the site you are using, as well as the individual company. If parents have had a poor experience or an incredibly good one, they’ll be happy to share about it and help out future customers. If they haven’t got any reviews yet, take this as a sign that they might need some development and stick to the best-rated pairs.

Choosing the Best Toddler Cowboy Boots

From weight to color, you can now put your knowledge to the test and choose out the best toddler cowboy boots for your little one’s needs. Make their first boots a pair to remember and cherish by ensuring the best fit, functionality, and protection for their growing feet.

Ready to get your hands on a quality pair of cowboy boots for toddlers? Find the best options and advice in our buying guide and ensure you’ve chosen the right company for your toddler’s new boots.